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Underseawalk Ltd are the pioneers of this industry and developed the first Helmet Diving activity in Mauritius in 1988. In 2000 we re-branded as Solarseawalk when we innovated the industry again by creating the first fully solar powered activity in the world and have been the only role models for eco-tourism and sustainable tourism in this activity since.

100% untainted air is pumped to square non distortion helmets using electric compressors powered by the solar system. Even the compressors are very unique as they are the only ones that don’t use any lubrification so not even micro fumes taint the breathing air unlike other systems on similar activities.
The excursion itself is easy and accessible to people of all ages from roughly 6 years old and upwards. Non swimmers have an amazing and unforgettable experience with us as knowledge of swimming is not required to do this activity, only walking.
Great for families, elderly, non swimmers and we have even seen multiple clients with amputations successfully enjoy our great underwater adventure with ease.
Experience the effects of near weightlessness, feed the fish by hand, dance and jump and have a great time underwater for about 30 minutes while also capturing great video memories. We are constantly voted 10/10 on Trip Advisor and Google Business as one of the most unforgettable and must do experiences in Mauritius and clients always tell us that it’s the highlight of their holiday. We are extremely proud of that but also work hard to achieve it by providing a safe and high quality activity.
Our dive location is inside the reef in less than 3 metres of turquoise water and security is our priority so there is an underwater guide and 2 surface divers with you at all times. Great fun for the whole family.


Solar Sea Walk is Easily Accessible By the Street


Please be aware Taxis are notorious for overcharging their customers in Mauritius, especially if they are clearly tourists.

Private Car:

If you are coming by car there are two nearby parking areas just after sunset boulevard by the beach.
As well as several spots on the street and side alleys.

We recommend renting a vehicle during your stay which is much more affordable.
We strongly recommend using Maki-Cars which have great reliable service and can be found by clicking here.